Your refrigerator is probably the most commonly used kitchen appliance in your home. After all, it’s where the majority of your fresh food and leftovers go. Since your fridge does get so much use, it’s most likely going to need some repairs from time to time. If you’re needing any repairs for your fridge, call us, The Appliance Squad. We’re here for all of your appliance needs, not just kitchen appliances, so contact us today! In this blog post, we’ll be going over some of the most common fridge problems that happen and what specific repairs those problems are going to need. So let’s get started!

The Temperature Isn’t Cold Enough
If the internal temperature is not cold enough and you’ve got it dialed to the lowest temperature, it’s most likely that the defrost thermostat may need to be replaced. You can first try cleaning the condenser coils with a brush or vacuum. Cleaning the coils can help bring the temperature down a few degrees but if it’s not getting to the temperature of your want, you may need to call us in.

The Ice Maker Isn’t Working
Now, this only applies to refrigerators that have an internal ice maker, but if your ice maker isn’t working it could be because the ice maker motor module may need to be replaced. It could also be due to the water inlet valve being clogged. You’ll want to check for any tears or kinks, and when you do, make sure to shut off the valve from the household water supply or else you’ll be sitting in a puddle of water. Check to see if your screen or filter is clogged with any debris. It also could be a problem with the machine in general. There are also a series of electrical tests that can be used to diagnose the problem.

It’s Not Dispensing Water
If your fridge has the capability to dispense water but is not dispensing anything, the main thing you’ll want to check is the water filter. If you’re not changing it regularly, it can collect debris and contaminants, which can build up and cause it to clog. Some fridges have a sensor that will let you know when it’s time to change the filter, but regardless, you want to make sure you’re doing it regularly. If you’ve changed the filter and there are no issues with that, it could be due to the water valve needing to be replaced.

The Fridge Is Not Running
If your fridge is not running properly and you’ve checked to make sure that its plugged in — trust us, it’s happened —it could be the electronic control board. The electronic control board could be damaged from a power surge, worn-out relays, or open circuits. If your fridge is making a weird noise, it could also be because of these things. These are all aspects that you’re going to want to call in an expert for.

Once again, if you need any appliance repairs, call us, The Appliance Squad. We’ve been helping out the Northern Colorado community and would love to help you too. Contact us today with any questions!